Custom T-Shirts

Looking for quality custom t-shirts, printed in Canada? Look no further! We custom screen print t-shirts & other apparel for clients across Canada for as low as $9.50 $6.50/each + FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada. 


We'll print your custom T-shirts on a state of the art automatic screen printing press to ensure that each unit is printed exactly alike, faster and way cheaper than a manual press. Our custom T-shirt press allows us to print around 500 units per hour. No matter how big or small your custom T-shirt order, we'll get the job done. 


We've been around since 2005, and we pride ourselves on being Fast & Good. We complete most custom T-shirt orders within 5 business days.


No matter where you're based in Canada, we'll ship your custom T-shirt order to your door, free of charge! Request a quote below.